To post your documents for view / print / download and any updates you may have thru one year is only $15

(coming soon).....Also for a small fee per page and $20 setup fee
Regatta Transportation Services LLC can send you an authorizing agent agreement for you to sign and return,
 legally authorizing us to sign and return setup packets on your behalf.

  This frees you up to quickly and painlessly take loads with new carriers / brokers / logistics etc.
 knowing Regatta will take care of all the paper work and faxing and signing whenever you call us !

  Documents for this service might include:

* Carrier setup papers, Authority | Cargo-Insurance | W9
* Resumes

* Legal Papers

* Itinerary, Schedules

* Backup files (not to large)

Please note all files on this page are public
(anyone can view /print /download) !

Seeing how I have spent $20 bucks in one week out on the road myself!
I'm only charging $15 for an entire year for posting your doucuments to the internet, this encludes any updates of your documents thru-out the year !

    Contact Regatta
Fax 253-669-4442

This page is a service Regatta offers to Carriers / Companies / Individuals
 not operating a Website or Personnel to assist with the need
 to send faxes and documents 24 hours a day.

Regatta's Carrier Setup..   AuthorityCargoW9

Webmaster Marvin_/) Regatta

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