Antique Furniture Repair Atlanta

Georgia Furniture Repair

Many of us form a level of sentimental value in old furniture pieces that have been handed down to us. Some of these piece are very expensive or been used many years ago. For those cheaper items that you don’t really care about, once you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of them they generally just aren’t worth refinishing, or you may just be ready for something new. The more sentimental and special items though, may be well worth refinishing. Furniture repair is a fantastic service; it can truly take your old furniture from drab to fab. You don’t want to ruin the original value with repairing it though.

DIY vs Pro Furniture Restoration

It takes an immense amount of time to become an expert in furniture repair. Not just anyone can hop into it and do it at home as their leisure, it’s just not that simple. These jobs require specialized tools, and you need to be able to source the exact materials that you need. A pro is going to have all the tools and supplies they need on hand, or be able to easily get what they need. Don’t risk ruining the piece forever by trying to do this job on your own.

Restoration vs Refinishing

Restoration and refinishing may seem similar but they are actually quite different. Restoration is generally more along the lines of light cleaning and minimal cosmetic repair. The end goal here is to maintain the antique piece’s structural integrity and outer appearance so it retains it’s value and keeps looking good for years. You also want it to stay very similar to how it was originally built.

Refinishing becomes quite a bit more involved and involves stripping the finish off of the piece of furniture. Wood is treated with chemical strippers, sanded, stained, and then refinished. Do beware that some antique pieces can lose value after being refinished. If value matters to you, you need to do research and talk with your refinished before making any choices. You can find experts that specialize in your furniture’s origination or style.

Refinishing Old Furniture in Georgia

It is best to leave some cheaper pieces as they are. If it’s made of particleboard, you pretty much always want to avoid refinishing it. When it truly comes to antiques, generally speaking you don’t want to refinish them if the monetary value matters to you. The best pieces of furniture to refinish are those from 1960 and back, factory produced with heavy wood and solid quality. That way you don’t risk messing up someone handmade masterpiece and you can count on the furniture to last for a long time. Boost your furniture’s image by contacting antique furniture repair Atlanta now.