Regatta transportation

Here for all your packing and moving requirements! If you need help, we’ve got you!

Our Services


You don’t have to worry about the huge pain that is packing all of your stuff up. We know what needs to go where and how to best transport it to your next destination, just tell us what to move and don’t worry about it again. We come with our own boxes and containers to take your stuff so that’s just one less thing you have to worry about.


We offer trusted moving services and we are certain that your demands are unique. That is why we customize our services based on your needs. We can move just about anything you could have, we try to work as flexibly as possible with you.


Are you moving from one place to another and looking for a temporary storage place? We are here to take your back. Pay for your space and enjoy it as long as you want. We know that at times the whole moving process can get stopped suddenly, and we understand that. In extenuating circumstance we will store your stuff for free for a certain amount of time. We don’t want to cost you more money if you’re already in a super frustrating situation.

Our Expertise

Fast Delivery

Moving is already hard enough on everyone, the last thing we want to do is show up late with your things. We are on time and our services are prompt on any given day. We can assure you of our timelines always.

Item Inspection

We always have your items under surveillance and tracked in some capacity, there is no chance that we might misplace your things. Your things are always safe with us.

Boxing Service

Packing is not as simple as it may seem. We know it and that is why we never let you take the strain. Trust us and we will get that done perfectly.

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