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People have found a wide range of amazing uses for storage containers. While of course their main job is to provide simple storage to individuals, we have found out just how versatile these containers are! Storage containers are used for many things outside of actually storage! People are now using them for basic moves, as sheds, and even as mobile offices for their employees to have a safe and secure spot to work while on temporary job locations. You’ll find great use for a Conex box of any size due to how versatile they are!

Container Sizes

Containers come in 10′, 20′, and 40′ sizes to fit any need or demand. We suggest the 20-foot size for most individuals or businesses, as they are the most useful. It is a good size but can also hold thousands of pounds of weight. The 10′ variety is used for storage, such as being used as a shed, or even for smaller moves. A giant 40′ storage container is many times used for a large office or for storage and transportation of large machinery. Your storage container can be put to the test and can handle just about anything! What size will you choose for you or your company’s needs?

Conex Box Use

You will be very impressed by the stability and versatility of your Conex box. It was developed to withstand both human tampering and the outdoor elements. Shipping containers are built with the elements in mind and you do not have to worry about what it may face while it stores your belongings or even yourself when being used as a mobile office! People have even built small homes using these containers! What will you use your container for?

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage will always be beneficial to individuals and businesses. When moving, you may find yourself needing a few additional weeks between leaving your old home and moving into your new home. It would be great to be able to keep your belongings contained while also having access to them, right? Mobile storage is very convenient for everyone to have, as you never know when the need for it may arise. You can use your storage container for mobile storage, as all you need is a semi truck to pick it up and transport it!

Storage Containers of Nashville

You’ll find that the use of storage containers has really risen in popularity these days. You will be so pleased with the great versatility your shipping container has to offer, whether you use it as a storage or shipping device, or even a portable office. You will have to consider all options and what your biggest need is when deciding how to use your new storage container. Purchase your storage container with the help of Conex boxes Nashville today!