Charlotte Bath tub Refinishing

Refinishing Your Bathtub in Charlotte, NC

We know that tubs back in the day were colorful, spotted with designs, and downright tacky, but we liked them. What about now that times have changed, and most likely your preferences as well? Pink and blue bathtubs used to be in style, but these days it’s more about neutral colors and simple styles. The great thing about bathtub refinishing is it isn’t just to be used whenever your bathtub chipping is cracking and looking bad, it may also be utilized to alter the look and the color of your tub! Refinishing your tub is a stellar option to save money.

Hiring a Professional for Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing in RaleighWhen a professional starts reglazing a tub, they normally use acrylic, polyurethane or urethane goods, while do-it-yourself kits normally include paints or epoxies. These are much less poisonous than specialist materials, but they are also less durable and dry too quickly. Many kits start to peel over the initial year, while specialist tub reglazing lasts considerably longer, up of 10 years with the correct care. It is crucial that you’ve got proper ventilation and security anytime you are operating in an enclosed area with matters such as this. Experts understand the procedure out and in, and they will acquire appropriate ventilation setup before work begins. They understand the tiny things to keep an eye out for that you might not. Something as straightforward as one area of imperfection may cause the complete remodeling job to be completed incorrectly.

Resurfacing Process

Reglazing a bath necessitates stripping off the old glaze before you can do anything else. Professionals typically use hydrofluoric acid to get this done, then they rinse and sand the bathtub to get a wonderful rough surface that the refinishing can really hang on to. It’s important that before anything else happens, all cracks have been repaired and some other damage is fixed up. It is great to double check, however after this your pub should be prepared to move onto trimming. Professional refinishers typically apply two coats of fast-drying epoxy to be sure the finish coat adheres correctly, and complete the procedure using a polyurethane topcoat to seal it all in there. Instead of painting with brushes or rollers, a professional will spray complete your bathtub usually, this just offers a smoother finish and more glazed clean look. You’ll love the glossy coating!

Caring for Your Refinished Bathtub

You have to be careful to not damage your new tub. Do not use abrasive cleaners or tools. Gentle cleansers and soft hand towels used in cleaning will protect the surface of your bathtub. Re-coating with a urethane polish every six months or so to keep it preserved as long as possible. With proper care, your refinished tub should last you at least 10-15 years!

Charlotte Home Renovations

Are you ready for a new tub? It can be done in less than a day and last you for up to 15 years after that with the proper care. Say goodbye to your ugly tub, and hello to a bathtub you’ll finally enjoy! We think the bathtub work done by Charlotte bath tub refinishing looks spectacular.