Storage Containers in Durham NC

Durham Shipping Containers

We love the versatility of shipping containers for moving, storage and mobile office usage. A shipping container is able to hold an incredible amount of stuff and provide storage in many different ways. We highly recommend them for moving, as you will be able to transport, as well as store, your large belongings in the same container. You will love how many uses there are for a container.

Sizes of Containers

Most of your common storage containers come in a variety of sizes, including 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot variations. We suggest the 20-foot variety. It’s a nice compact size while still being able to store thousands of pounds of goods if need be. The 10 foot variety works great for home use. You can even use it as a shed! The 40 foot container is perfect for large machinery!

Security of Containers

We’re proud to say you won’t have any concerns for you belongings when they’re kept in a storage container. You can truly trust the security of the container! One of these giant containers will be able to sustain the elements outdoors for over a year without suffering any type of damage outside. You’ll be so pleased to see how well everything stores inside it!

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is fantastic. Sometimes you need to be able to carry major items from location to location. Storage containers are able to be placed on your property and moved as need be. Moving can be stressful, but with additional moving tips you can make it easy. You will always have access to your container and be able to properly ship in when you need it sent off. You load your container on your terms and at your speed, then a truck will come to carry it away to a storage facility or your next home!

Durham Storage Company

Storage containers offer a level of versatility that no other storage methods can match. Make sure your container comes from a reputable company. We think storage containers Durham is a great option for a container in central North Carolina!