7 Tips to Make Packing Easier

It’s exciting to think about the new place you’re about to move into and imagining how you would fit in there. But all that said, it needs a few logical steps that need to be followed before that move happens. The first among those steps would be to pack up your life from the current place and place it all inside boxes. This phase can get really stressful and tends to irritate people so much that the excitement ends up making you feel under the weather. All these can be avoided using these tips which intend to make it a smooth sailing, although breaking a few vessels is customary!

Start earlier

Start earlier because anything done in the last minute is bound to have errors and full of irritation. This is probably the advice which you had followed for exam preparations as a kid but is applicable to packing as well. Two weeks is the minimum buffer time when you must start organizing and packing.

Focus on the easier aspects

Packing is a difficult task and everybody should agree with this statement. You should always look for those rare occasion which make it seem easier by maybe leaving the clothes inside the wardrobe instead of packing them up separately as the wardrobe will be moved anyway. You may as well leave your kitchen hardware in the drawers but do take the crockery out!

Try using smaller boxes

This might seem illogical but having more number of smaller boxes is a good idea because when you unpack you’ll be thanking your lucky stars thinking about how quick this is happening. Smaller boxes are a lot easy to move around and stack as well.

Packing paper helps

There isn’t a simpler solution to keeping things clean!

Pack one room at a time

Try to imagine yourself as the Terminator and treat all the stuff which needs to be packed in a room as your targets. Now, keep working towards eliminating all these targets and watch how faster it all gets done. This also helps in making sure that items from various rooms don’t get mixed up and you don’t have to break a sweat in finding them.

Set personal treats for yourself

Think about how productive you used to be as a child when a parent dangled a little chocolate in front of you. Try to be a little nostalgic while packing and dangle a few gifts which you need to work toward so that you start being more productive in the packing process. Make a little trip to the parlour if you pack up all the stuff of one room within 3 days or something like that.

Have an understanding of how to move what

Fragile items can’t go in the back of the same truck as the furniture because of obvious reasons. It’s best not to trust a vendor with your valuable and precious items as well and also transport those legal documents yourself.